Meeting the PM at Help to Buy event

It was definitely time for a new outfit when Building Relations received an invitation to a Help to Buy Reception at No 10 last month. The Prime Minister was hosting the reception to welcome some of the numerous families who have benefitted from the 5 per cent deposit scheme. It was lovely to see some of the many homebuyers who all seemed genuinely delighted to have been able to move home thanks to Help to Buy.

A first visit to No 10 for me, the experience was an enjoyable one. After some drinks and meeting several Help to Buyers, Mr Cameron gave a short speech about the success of the scheme as well as the importance of homeownership.

It does feel like the Help to Buy scheme has made a positive impact on many people’s lives. I regularly interview and draft case studies for those who thanks to Help to Buy have been able to purchase their first or next home. It will be interesting to see how the newly proposed Help to Buy ISA will assist first timers and whether the saving incentive will have the same impact that the 5 per cent deposit scheme clearly has. I look forward to a time that we will be able to interview some of the first time buyers who sign up to the proposed ISA and maybe even another visit to No 10. Any excuse for a new outfit…