When Lloyd, the Site Manager at Barratt Homes’ Montague Park, asked ‘Are you going to be builders when you grow up?’, the chorus of ‘Yes!’ that came from the Foundation year class at Wescott Infant School told us that our most recent Site Safety visit was a success.

Working with our client, Barratt Homes, we have recently arranged a series of visits for primary schools to their local developments across Sussex and Surrey. The aim of these visits is to primarily educate the children about staying safe on building sites, as the bricks, sand and diggers of a site are more often viewed as a playground than a danger to a child. The children get to meet Barry Barratt the mascot, sit in a real digger, and even build a wall – learning about the materials and labour required to build a house. They then end the day by taking home a Barratt goodie bag filled with treats.

This idea is a continuation of Barratt Homes’ education programme, which we hope will provide a memorable message that the children will take home with them. The benefits extend to further than the children alone, with benefits for the local community too, as local parents will know that their children have been taught to stay safe in their nearby Barratt David Wilson development.

We still have a few more site safety visits to look forward to, and we have already had some great coverage for those that have already taken place.