Despite this week’s snow and cold weather, many of us will be wrapping up warm ready to brave the trip to the pub tonight. The opportunity for al fresco dining feels like the first step towards relative normality. With limitations on contact with loved ones inside, it really strikes us how crucial that bit of outside space has become.

Gardens and balconies provide the perfect opportunity to socialise with friends and family while restrictions on indoor contact are still in place. Below are our top tips to help turn your garden into the perfect outdoor entertainment space.

Deck out your garden:

Dividing your garden into sections can make it work for multiple uses. A patch of grass is ideal for the kids to play on, while the patio or decking make for a beautiful seating area for parents to watch over them while also having a bit of space for themselves. Kit out this space with a BBQ and solar lighting for those perfect summer nights. Ensure your garden side return is clear, ready for your guests’ arrival.

Garden at 66 George Lane, a property available with Munday’s.
Garden at 66 George Lane, a property available with Munday’s.

Don’t forget decoration:

Decorate your outdoor space in the same way you would a room inside. The garden has truly become an extension of the home, so treat it that way.  The addition of cushions, rugs and plants, particularly on a balcony, can make a smaller space welcoming and homely, plus it adds a touch of personality.

Balcony at Barratt Homes‘ Chilmington Green

Seating is a must:

An outdoor dining set or sofa style seating form the basis of every outdoor social area. In the unpredictable English weather, a parasol or canape over the top will mean you can stay outside even if a spot of rain hits.

Garden at Dandara‘s Knights Wood

Add that pop of colour:

Frame your garden with colourful flower beds to add vibrancy to the space. Potted plants also work as perfect segregation tools, calving off each section of the garden. It might not be summer yet, but some brightly coloured spring flowers will make it feel like the sunshine is definitely on its way. If you’re keen to ensure bee-friendly planting, go for lavender, hawthorn and honeysuckle.

Garden at Dandara‘s Novo