As an agency we are always trying to learn new skills and stay in tune with the latest trends. Hollie and Emily recently took part in the Profile Q&A Webinar: “Broadcast Revolution offers new opportunity”. The webinar provided an insight into the current broadcast media landscape and explored the coverage opportunities available within the current news agenda.

After a quick introduction over Zoom, we settled in ready to hear from the expert panellists – Phil Caplin of Broadcast Revolution, and Hannah Zitren of Colliers International.

The webinar offered us a useful insight into how to make property news stories appealing to broadcast media whilst we are still within the midst of a pandemic. Unsurprisingly – and as we have seen for ourselves – Covid-19 has affected the way in which the media machine operates. The media is working far quicker than pre-Covid with faster turnaround times, so ensuring that clients remain flexible and relevant to the everchanging news agenda is key.

For us, it reiterated the importance of understanding how different news agendas are adapted for each different channel.  Interestingly, broadcast is actually the most trusted form of media at the moment – with the BBC deemed to be the most reliable broadcaster, followed by Sky and ITV. These broadcasters are currently viewed by the public to be more trustworthy than print media, highlighting the importance of broadcast coverage where appropriate, especially considering current circumstances.

As a PR agency in the property sector, we often reach out to broadcast media when it is relevant. Whether this be with a local BBC news station, or a timely and topical discussion about the launch of a new government scheme, or indeed the launch of a new local development which will bring new jobs to a local area. As always, timing is key to securing quality broadcast coverage, and this is something which has become especially important as we feel the consequences and impact of nearly half a year of a pandemic.

It’s always valuable to hear stories and experiences from colleagues in different sectors, and we found it useful to take part in an informal networking session after the webinar. The attendees were split into two ‘breakout rooms’, which gave us an opportunity to recap on the discussion and to reflect on our own experiences of broadcast media to date.

This fantastic event run by Profile Network not only provided us with the chance to learn more about broadcast opportunities in the property industry, but also offered us the chance to learn more about the recent changes to broadcasting that will likely remain permanently in place once the pandemic is over.

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