Influencers are an increasingly valuable method of marketing and PR, with Instagram deemed to be the most important social media channel for companies to utilise. The world of influencers can be a minefield, and with an estimated 500,000 influencers on Instagram alone, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Working with influencers offers companies an opportunity to gain exposure with an audience they may not otherwise reach through more traditional methods of advertising. The success of influencers is that they are a trusted voice with a loyal following and offer an authentic voice behind the brand promotion.

And whilst we may traditionally think of influencers as celebrities or public personalities, there is a growing rise in so-called micro-influencers, who dedicate their accounts to a particular niche or interest – such as property. Brands shouldn’t be deterred by the term ‘micro’ either, as this simply means that your campaign will reach a more relevant audience.

There is a growing wave of property influencers taking Instagram by storm, armed with a camera roll full of aesthetic images and videos of their own homes. From first time buyers documenting their journey onto the property ladder, to those renovating larger properties into their dream home, there is a property influencer to suit everyone.

So how does this fit with promoting your brand?

We are currently working with a range of clients to help deliver influencer campaigns to complement their current sales and marketing strategies. This month Account Manager Hollie worked with client SO Resi on a campaign at its popular SO Resi Clapham Park development to help promote shared ownership, the new homes available and offer interiors inspiration to potential purchasers. We partnered with the lovely Emma Jane Palin who visited the show home, added a touch of her creative flair to the apartment, and wrote a blog post offering her top tips on interiors.

Hollie says: “Our pilot influencer campaign with Emma and SO Resi successfully raised the profile of the client and development, alongside educating Emma’s followers about shared ownership. Emma is an award-winning blogger with a focus on design and interiors, and has more than 34k Instagram followers who are genuinely interested in interiors content. The campaign was a success, with Emma’s fantastic posts receiving high levels of engagement and an increased brand awareness for SO Resi.

“The key is to understand the right audience for your campaign, and research to find the most suitable influencers to work with. This will ensure that your activity is targeted and will reach the most relevant audience. Obviously big follower numbers are impressive, but it’s who those followers are that’s most important, and will ensure that you engage with the correct audience.”

If you have always wondered how the world of influencers works but have been too cautious to step in, our team at Building Relations will be happy to help identify suitable influencers for your audience and budget. Please get in touch.

Emma Jane Palin styles SO Resi Clapham Park: