Smart homes just got smarter… With a new decade comes new possibilities and even amidst a global pandemic, that is exactly what our new client Wondrwall is bringing into 2020.

We’ve seen Proptech (property tech) evolve into more advanced forms over the years, adopting AI to make not only how we construct and market our homes more efficient, but how we live in them too. Wondrwall is going one step further, as the world’s first intelligent home automation system converts standard homes into intelligent homes. A home that thinks for itself, learning your routine automatically to turn off lights and store energy at key times, all to make your life easier and cut your bills to almost nothing – it sounds like stuff of visionaries! But we can assure you it is here, and it is real.

Wondrwall light switch and heater

How does it work?

Wondrwall’s state of the art technology is modularised into three key parts: home automation, battery storage/clean energy and efficient heating. The epicentre of their design is the Wondrwall Smart Switch. It contains 13 different sensors to monitor home life patterns, adjusting automatically for efficiency and performance. For example, it observes which room you spend the most time in, how you use heating and lighting and even what your favourite music tracks are. Wondrwall has Amazon Alexa built in which allows you to talk to your home, connects and controls all major heating systems, has a smart home burglar alarm built-in, integrates automatically with Amazon Echo devices and Sonos systems, as well as adding a layer of intelligence on top of your home smoke detector. This combines to make your living environment both safer and more efficient, without having to move a muscle giving you complete control in a single phone app. By seamlessly combining data from different areas of the home, Wondrwall in effect, gives your property a brain.

If you wanted to get the full Wondrwall system, their high capacity battery allows you to save and store your electricity at home, with the possibility to pair this with new or existing solar panels to become carbon neutral whilst reducing your bills by 90%. Furthermore, Wondrwall’s clever infrared heating system works by heating you and the objects in your home rather than the air, for a far more evenly heated space that is up to 50% more efficient than traditional radiators.

Smarter ways to go net-zero

Whilst the idea of using technology to prevent us from wasting electricity isn’t necessarily a new one (we’ve all heard of Hive), the concept to link this into one central, self-learning unit encompassing all parts of your home, is. Smart technology is evolving at an incredible rate and it’s not just hitting the new homes market. Wondrwall is working with councils and social housing providers to help deliver the governments carbon-zero promise, as gas boilers look to be phased out to meet new climate change targets. The government wants all new homes to have a net zero carbon footprint by 2025 and has committed to net zero emissions as a nation by 2050. It is expected that 28 million homes will have to convert their systems to reduce emissions.

Wondrwall Energy helps properties do exactly this, generating all their own energy from renewables, and even selling surplus energy back to the grid so that occupants can have a stable revenue stream. Founder and CEO of Wondrwall, Daniel Burton, comments: “We’re seeing a real shift in consciousness of people wanting to do something for the planet. I built Wondrwall to make a difference to the world: to build homes that create their own energy, store it and use it.”

He continues, “How we generate and consume energy is perhaps the most significant threat to economic and social wellbeing. Going gas-free with the Wondrwall solution does not add any incremental build cost to new homes versus a current gas heated home. There is a small incremental cost of having the home generate its own energy from renewable sources, but this pays itself off within 7-8 years at current energy prices.”

It’s clear that the possibilities for the Wondrwall system both in new and existing homes are boundless, as sustainability remains firmly on the agenda. We’re thrilled to see innovative companies like Wondrwall take on the status quo and push for better. Watch this space!

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