We are well and truly in the thick of the General Election now, with two weeks until the bell rings and the country descends on the polling station, there’s still plenty of time to change the minds of fickle voters.

The pollsters may be predicting a Labour win, but the Parties are fighting tooth and nail for every single ballot cast. Over the last week or so, manifestos were released with fanfare, polishing off pledges new and old.

It’s a lot to digest. The Labour and Conservative party manifestos span 200+ pages combined. The SNP and Lib Dems and, at an outside chance, Reform are jostling each other’s shoulders to be the third biggest party in the next parliament.

Housing is still a priority for the key players, but how do their policies compare? We break down their promises, pledges, and omissions below.

Housebuilding and Targets

Essential for boosting the economy and fixing the housing crisis, with lots of numbers being thrown around by all Parties. Here’s what they’re promising.

Social and Affordable Housing

Hand in hand with housebuilding is the provision of social rented housing. We look at the Parties that want to build more, protect existing stock, and manage demand.


Here’s what the Parties are promising do to untangle the complicated planning system.


After the Renters Reform Bill turned out to be a damp squib, here’s what the Parties are promising to capture the votes of the 4.4 million households living in the private rented sector.


Net zero, energy bills and nutrient neutrality top the list on sustainability pledges this election.

Other noteworthy pledges

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