Since launching in 2017, TikTok has well and truly taken off and is expected to reach 10 million users in the UK this year. Whilst the majority of users are in the Gen-Z age bracket (24% are aged 15-25 in the UK), those aged 26-45 make up 18% of the platform’s demographic. With such a high number of users at homebuying age, there is a real opportunity for property companies to take control and utilise TikTok for their brand.

With video-led content, TikTok is the perfect platform for property companies to showcase their homes, idyllic locations or even members of the team. From tours of first time buyer homes to walkthroughs of multi-million pound mansions, and advice on everything from property investment to buying your first home, there is something for everyone in the property world. As this arc of TikTok grows in popularity, it’s time for UK property companies to embrace the platform as part of their PR and marketing strategies.

We spoke to Toby Albert-Corban, Real Estate Adviser at client Nest Seekers International, about TikTok and its impact on the UK property market. Toby saw an opportunity to reach a wider audience and launched his TikTok page @londonrealestate during the first national lockdown last year. He now has over 200,000 followers and rising on the platform.

“I used TikTok as a strategy to create more exposure for my client’s properties and build my brand. I found a captive audience, by providing a mix between a live viewing and social media marketing,” says Toby. “As a result, I receive multiple enquiries a week on properties featured on my page. A property I featured on my page was on the market for 2 years with another agent – I was able to create a property tour video on TikTok which went viral, achieving 5 million views, the property sold 40 days later.”

Toby adds: “TikTok’s technology is very user-friendly and straightforward. If someone views a property video they like, they can easily share it by message, email or link with a friend, with less hassle compared to some virtual property tours on websites.”

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