By Rachel Colgan, Founding Director of Building Relations

It was a sad day for me personally to say goodbye to our BR purple houses. Thinking back to their creation, those much-loved little peaked roofs will forever represent our earlier days and years of hard work whilst navigating a new world of running a business.

Our logo played an integral role in helping us build our own identity in the Property PR world and they will be missed.  However, as we turn a page into a new chapter of our story, a refresh was suddenly starting to feel necessary. Times have changed and so have we; it was time for something new.

Our concept for the new look and feel of our branding was creating something forward-thinking and more reflective of the sustainable world we now must embrace.  It’s not just about houses, it’s about the environment in which we live, the impact that we make and the people we meet along the way.  Quality and trust are important values to us at BR and we wanted this to shine through everything we do.  

Whilst I wasn’t keen on adding trees to our logo, the concept of our new design is actually based on the natural flared forms of a leaf. This connection to sustainability is central to everything we offer at Building Relations and one that we take very seriously, encouraging our clients to also think about their commitment to the planet and their people – putting ESG at the heart of their business.

Furthermore, the idea is that the clean geometry is simultaneously strong and friendly – a combination of character that we hope represents our own team characteristics at BR.

As our business grows and evolves, so too has our services and offering. We don’t just create opportunities to help our clients sell their houses or related services, we help them raise their profile, build their reputation, and give back to their communities. First impressions count and so we thought we would take our own advice and make sure our brand was more in tune with our services.