Photography is key to getting the most out of portals, PR and marketing; and now more than ever this is key given the level numbers of sellers and buyers alike looking for homes on their mobile phones – so like all things, you have just seconds to make a good impression before they scroll on by.

Good property photography can also help a social media post go viral, and help you secure that all-important piece of coverage.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Shoot straight and at the right height –
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Whether an interior or an exterior shot, the photo needs to be shot straight and at eye-height. This both doesn’t distort the image, and is more pleasing on the eye.

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For an exterior image, a straight shot will also allow for a photograph to be more symmetrical which is more appealing. In many cases, this will be the only exterior image picked up by the press.

  • Declutter

Imagine your aunt is coming around for tea – of course, think back to the times we could do that – she doesn’t need to see all your magazines, floppy cushions or bedsheets. Make sure the property looks the very best it can. You or your client may have outgrown the house, but you don’t want a would-be buyer to question their decision before they’ve moved in. Likewise, a blanker palette will allow a buyer to envision themselves in the home.

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3.Take pictures at the right time

Depending on the location of the house, you may have better light in the morning as opposed to the evening or vice-versa. It’s worth thinking about this when you book photography, as good light makes a difference. Lighter rooms look bigger and more welcoming.

It’s not just interior images where you should consider this, but exterior too. Photographs help sell the lifestyle of a home too.

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Photography shouldn’t be thought of as just another thing to do, it should be included in the strategy as it is the difference to getting the attention of a buyer or getting the attention of a journalist.