Bring us into your team! One of our biggest pieces of advice to clients and prospective clients is that you will only get out of a PR campaign what you are willing to put in. This couldn’t be truer.

Whilst we do our best to deliver opportunities your way, sharing any helpful insight into the business, could help us find just that nugget of information we are looking for, for your next big story. We always work best as part of a team – and by treating us as such, you will reap the rewards!

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Don’t forget imagery! A picture tells a thousand words, or so they say. In property PR a good image is worth more than that. If you don’t have a decent photo, a story stands much less chance of being picked up. The better the supporting image, the more likely it is that your details will be used, or that it will become the lead image in a feature. A great home won’t compensate for a weak image. But an exceptional image will push similar properties aside to take the limelight.