Women in PropTech is the leading global industry group for women in real estate technology. It was founded by Nikki Greenberg in New York late last year, and has since developed communities in Toronto, and now London!

We’re delighted to announce that our Account Executive, Roseanna, has been appointed to their committee that will join forces once a month to brainstorm future events, discuss a range of topical issues, new technology and awards or news going on in the sector. Roseanna works on a range of PropTech and ConTech clients at Building Relations and is delighted to be part of the group. 

Having attended the UK & Ireland Women in PropTech launch earlier this year, we have already met a range of women, all entrenched in the PropTech world, that are committed to making some positive changes. PropTech expert and construction entrepreneur, Angelia Donati, in her recent Forbes article, points out that “It is clear that any industry with a strong gender imbalance is missing out on the huge potential that the category it is not tapping into can bring.” 

It was this very point that Nikki Greenberg reiterated when Roseanna met up with her last month – she is the driving force behind these changes and is committed to putting a female face to the industry.

Nikki comments “I founded Women in PropTech out of recognition that there just aren’t enough women in the sector. This is having a detrimental impact across the board with big companies missing out on the benefits of a diverse team – Women in PropTech encourages diversity and aims to carve more avenues for women to get into the PropTech sphere. Going forward, I’m most excited about bridging the gap between emerging technology and traditional real estate, there is so much potential for us to make a significant and long-standing impact in the real estate industry.”

Nikki entered the property industry through her established career in architecture and has since worked on the design of mixed-use developments, mega-malls and luxury condominiums across the globe. With a wealth of experience in property, she has a clear vision of the changes that are needed and explained the four guiding principles of the community: 

  1. Connections = The real estate industry is incredibly relationship driven. By being a platform to foster meaningful professional connections, Women in PropTech can facilitate introductions across industries and geographies.
  2. Showcasing = There are many fantastic women working in property and technology and we provide a forum to showcase their expertise.
  3. Education = With the real estate industry evolving so rapidly, there needs to be greater education to help bridge the vocabulary gap between real estate and technology professionals, and to increase adoption of PropTech.
  4. Inspiration = Women in PropTech, through showcase brilliant women in the industry collectively aims to inspire the next generation to develop careers in the sector, celebrate their successes and connect with others around them. 

With every element of the property life cycle now being streamlined and transformed by the help of tech, Building Relations PR is delighted to be a part of the force driving change in the industry. We are looking forward to providing insight and opportunities for future events, discussions and awards that the committee will hold. 

If you are a PropTech company looking for PR support, get in touch.