With marketers worldwide set to spend more than £82bn on social media in 2020 alone – an 8.7% increase on last year – staying ahead of the curve on social and digital outreach is at the forefront of our strategy here at Building Relations.

Understanding the importance of social media in an ever-changing PR landscape, two members of the BR team, Roseanna and Laura, attended the Meltwater Social Media summit in London last week.  With keynote sessions delivered by social media experts including Steven Barrlett, Founder and CEO of Social Chain; Giles Peddy, EMEA VP of Lewis PR, and a panel discussion on the speed of social in the news, they came away inspired and ready to unlock the true power of social media.

Social media is fast becoming the primary tool for brands to communicate with their target market and customers, and in an age of growing concern about the accuracy of the information we’re accessing online, there is mounting pressure on companies to maintain an authentic and genuine   presence on social media.

In light of this, we’ve compiled our three top social media tips from the summit:

1. LinkedIn is where Facebook was 10 years ago. This is a people-focused platform, where posts from employees outperform company profiles in terms of reach and response, with feel good and success stories scoring highest.

2. Hack the Instagram algorithms. Reply to comments and DMs; always ask a question in a post to encourage comments and boost your reach; and make the captions long because the more time a follower spends reading your post, the better your overall reach. 

3. Multiple voices keep your profile feeling fresh. Upload guest blogs, post videos, and harness the power of experts by inviting them to share their knowledge on your profile.

With more companies than ever before going social, Building Relations PR is more determined than ever to be at the forefront of exciting and innovative social media content creation.

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