Last week was National Storytelling Week, an opportunity to share stories and allow children’s imaginations to run wild. The idea of snuggling down for a story before bedtime is a vivid memory I expect we all have from our childhood and the home we grew up in.

The link between home, books and reading of stories is so strong for us here at Building Relations, that it prompted Rachel to suggest a promotional activity around it to one of our clients, Barratt Homes, who she was working for in-house at the time. This was instantly taken up and since 2010, the partnership between National Storytelling Week and the Barratt Homes educational programme has been growing significantly.

This year Barratt Homes sponsored several professional storytellers to visit schools close to their developments. The photos from the sessions show what a great time the children had and how successful the activity was for all involved – from the children who clearly love the session, to the schools who benefit from the addition to the curriculum and Barratt Homes who are able to interact with the community, where they are developing.

We have already seen some of the coverage come in, great photos and news stories from the events in local newspapers.