Well the clocks have now gone forward and the blossom in nearby Windsor Great Park is in full bloom so it can only mean one thing – Spring!  This time of year is one that is typically associated with new beginnings and an awakening of the homebuying season and so a busy time for those looking to buy or sell a property.  Whilst news reports suggest that the big ‘B’ has dampened the typically buoyant selling period, day-to-day we are still seeing some very positive indicators of a strong property market for our clients.

Another healthy sign of Spring in the world of property is the large number of successful new homes launches that we are currently supporting.  From new apartments in central locations to grand family homes in the Home Counties, clearly the property market is demonstrating great resilience and we are seeing many homebuyers jumping at the chance to be the first owners of some of the country’s finest quality new homes. Launch weekends are full with appointments and reservations are being taken as doors open – if not off-plan. These are great messages for us to be shouting about for our clients and helping to demonstrate that Spring selling is there for the taking.

It would be naive to suggest that this Spring selling season hasn’t felt any of the tremors from the deep chambers of central government. Certainly, it’s stirring up more questions, delaying a few decisions and no doubt installing a sense of uncertainty for some. The good news is that for those who want to and need to move, there are some fantastic buying options out there and some wonderful and helpful sales teams ready to assist in any way they can.  Ready to answer questions, provide solutions and assist in any way they can, now is actually a great time to make a move.

The overriding message is that there are lots of motivated buyers and sellers out there so make sure you are making the most of your sale, launch or opening event.  At Building Relations, we are enjoying the busy Spring period and helping to share some of the positive property news on behalf of our clients.

If you are in property and are looking to help share your good news, get in touch with us.