We often advise our clients with new homes to sell to find out what’s going on locally, get involved and let people know they are there. Often we encourage them to use local suppliers wherever they are able to, whether this be a show home designer or allowing a local art group to use the show home as an exhibition venue. Used in the right way, local word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool and the more that it can be used to spread the word, the better.

This month we were asked to support our local school’s Christmas Fair. We generated some coverage for the event in the local paper and helped them spread the word about their fundraising plans. At the fair we discovered an amazing lady, Kitty Rico, who makes her own Christmas cards and so instead of signing up for an online e-greeting that will likely end up in someone’s junk mail, we commissioned her to make some Building Relations cards. www.facebook.com/kittyriccocrafts

The cards are great and we love our little purple house covered in snow. We hope our clients like them as much as we do. Thanks Kitty, we’ll be back next year!


BR Xmas card